intention grids

stationery for a collective expression

Master's degree project, HDK, Sweden 2016

The intention grids are the result of my research on a collaborative design in urban areas. It is a graphic design project which explores the features of stationery to support a collaborative graphic expression. This project is a tool to enhance printed personal voices. It aims to a re-appropriation of towns through narration, and the encounter of various tones and phrases.

It is a block with layouts for posters and booklets. These layouts are simple grids to follow or deconstruct. I thought this stationery for urban meetings, where the voices of people need to be heard and confronted.

The theoretical background of this project is reported in my master thesis.

grilles d'intention

papeterie pour une expression collective

Projet de fin de master, HDK Suède 2016

Les grilles d'intention sont le résultat de ma recherche en design collaboratif dans l'espace urbain.

Le cadre théorique de ce projet est présenté dans mon mémoire de master.