chloé motard

poster of the film festival "un autre regard"

For my first project as a freelance graphic designer I had the pleasure of designing the poster for the first edition of the un autre regard" film festival organized by CinéPhil, the association in charge of the cinema in Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu.

This cinema is two minutes from my parents' house, the original theatre used to raise the screen every year for our theatre performances and I knew all the details behind the scenes. So I was delighted that they had entrusted me to visually define the identity of their new festival.

I first discussed with Catherine, Jean-Luc and Claude-Eric to find out more about this festival: which were the films screened, what connected them, what they wanted to transmit thanks to this event, and what they thought about the stories presented. The festival screens films that approach their subject from a different angle, whether it is cultures, people or forgotten moments in history.It features portraits of women and men that are rarely reported to us through the usual media.

We then agree more precisely on the communication supports that will be produced, and for this first year we will focus on the poster. They tell me of their desire for an illustrated poster, which would stand out from other film festivals in the surrounding cities that use photographs instead, and which would allow for greater originality and an offbeat tone.

Following this interview I open a board on pinterest and invite them to post posters, photographs, drawings that they like and especially go in the direction of what they want for the festival. I also participate in filling in this board and after about ten days I identify two main themes that I organize into moodboards (document bringing together a few images, colors and visually presenting a theme). These moodboards recall the intentions discussed during the interview and offer visual interpretations of them.

It is a crucial step for us to understand each other, it allows us o establish a visual vocabulary on which to agree. So I introduce them to these moodbaords, the two tracks, what each brings in terms of communication and what aspects of the festival they highlight.

DThen begins the actual creation phase. I do numerous sketches based on the stories of the films proposed, some are simple portraits, in others I try to add a feeling of "strange", that corresponds to their will for originality that came out during our exchanges.

I then present them with series of posters around the range of colours we had agreed with the moodboards. Several sets of typographies and drawings only sketched but which already give a tone, an atmosphere. They will hesitate between the last two, but it is the strangest, the one of the woman with eyes in the palm of her hands that will be chosen. I then finalize the drawing and add the different elements of the poster.

The time for dialogue and exchange before the project allowed me to clearly define their expectations and the steps to finalize the poster went very quickly. Finally because the chosen design was well suited to it, I created an animation that allowed the introduction of the festival before the films were shown in cinemas.