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Alfonso Pérez Escudero  |  branding, logo, webdesign, template powerpoint  |  2018

When Alfonso contacted me, he had just recently started his research position in a laboratory at the University of Toulouse. In order to make the work of his team accessible to the community, he asked me if I could design a logo, a website and a template for the power point presentations to be visually consistent.

Designing a logo for public research required a different approach from that of a company or a commercial project.

It had to be sufficiently recognizable by his peers, but not be centered on the researcher's name, and be able to represent the variety of the team's projects.

After several discussions to better understand the discipline and Alfonso's vision of research, we focused on a logo that echoed dance notation, since the study of trajectories is at the heart of his research.

This logo moves away from the clichés around the representation of science, encompasses the team's questions, and its discreet link to the choreography gives it a poetic, narrative dimension that differentiated it from the other proposals I had been able to make.

For the website, Alfonso needed quick and easy access to add content regularly, so we used wordpress for his very comprehensive administrator panel.

We first defined its needs in terms of the number of pages, the type of information that should be included and what content would need to be modified regularly.

For the design of the site itself I used a CSS grid system (KNACSS) which allowed me to alternate between a very square layout for pages with a lot of content, and a lighter layout for home and contact pages.

We have chosen to make a sober site without being austere,

with a slightly grey background to make the navigation visually smoother,

careful typographical choices,

a few lines to organise projects and publications,

and give special attention to the photographs (all the photographs in the laboratory were taken by Olga Simon).

For the power point template I designed slides for introduction, thanks, presentation of figures in solo, duo, trio...

And I made some slides of "tools" to highlight evolutions, comparisons, to isolate a part of a figure... using various arrows but also the use of coloured blocks and transparency.