Social Truck

  • AFEV, CROUS, Occitania Region
  • Artistic Direction, Branding

Our scope of intervention on a visual identity project: creation of a logo and its variations for digital and printed media.

The social truck travels around the Occitanie region to share local initiatives and bring together different audiences in the region: young people, students, cultural and social associations, companies and communities, on markets and public squares, in city centres, suburbs and rural areas.
Given this plurality of audiences, we needed a "chatty" logo. The logo is therefore a nod to the truck and the links it weaves between audiences. The complete visual identity of the project has been thought out to allow appropriation by all the publics concerned, and to leave room visually for the promotion of the various projects that this truck is brought to present. We planned for a communication on the truck, in events, and on social networks.