Based in Leeds Docks, and specialising in graphic design and illustration, I work across Europe with a range of clients including education and research institutions, small businesses and charities.

💚 Studio Values:

We support projects and structures committed to the environment and social rights.

1. Local

We always favour collaborations with local actors. We rely on the strength of a strong local network, to support local employment, and to promote the skills and expertise of our communities.

2. Global

We are part of a global network of designers, and always keep an eye on what is being done around the world to initiate larger scale and multi-cultural collaborations.

3. Slow Webdesign

Our websites and newsletters are always very light, to ensure accessibility of the content by all, and a reduction of energy consumption for data hosting.

4. Inclusivity

Through our visual representations, we highlight a diversity of bodies and cultures and question individual situations. Through teaching we make sure each student has the opportunity to experience and develop his or her talents to the fullest.

5. Sorority

We choose to collaborate with, and highlight the work of contemporary women, whether they are typographers, illustrators or developers.

6. Bespoke

The solutions we bring to our clients are always entirely thought out and designed in accordance with their objectives.

🤝 Clients and Collaborators:

Here are the logos of some previous and current partners who have entrusted us with their design projects.