Based in Berlin, and graduated with a Master in Design (HDK, 2016) I specialise in graphic design and illustration.

I work across Europe with a range of clients including tech start-ups, education and research institutions, and support projects and structures committed to social and environmental rights.

Get in touch:
Instagram: @chloemotard_studio
LinkedIn: Chloé Motard

black and white autoportrait, drawing and drinking in a cup of coffee in front of a window

Studio Values

1∙ Local

We always favour collaborations with local actors. We rely on the strength of a strong local network, to support local employment, and to promote the skills and expertise of our communities.

2∙ Global

We are part of a global network of designers, and always keep an eye on what is being done around the world to initiate larger scale and multi-cultural collaborations.

3∙ Slow Webdesign

means building a site in a more sober way to have a smaller ecological footprint. By keeping websites and newsletters light, we ensure accessibility of the content by all, and a reduction of energy consumption for data hosting.

4∙ Inclusivity

Through our visual representations, we highlight a diversity of bodies and cultures and question individual situations. Through teaching we make sure each student has the opportunity to experience and develop their skills to the fullest.

5∙ Sorority

We choose to collaborate with, and highlight the work of contemporary women, whether they are typographers, illustrators or developers.

6∙ Accessibility

Digital accessibility means taking into account the physical and mental conditions of users and adapting platforms to their needs.

Past and current clients and/or collaborators