Random Magazine Generator

edition design process narration processing randomness

I coded a small program, based on the idea of a spatio-temporal crack, that randomly generates a fanzine. In order to use it, you have to to add a few sketches, to choose a palette of colors, and then to pick a small sentence, or just a few words, which will be the start of an absurd text. The images and colors are then randomly choosen and disposed on the page. The sentences have been randomly picked on WikiQuote, but the last word of the sentence A is the first word of the sentence B, so it gives a continuity to the narrative. The code creates visual and textual stories with a crack, the shift of the story. It corresponds to a restart of the code, so the colors are different, as well as the composition. I consider it as an inspirative tool to create new visual compositions from sketches and a few words. It is a way to open up a project thanks to unexpected results, and to link different stories or visual universes.

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